I really hate those contests about women winning balanced life awards. To me, that shit is just one big set up.

I mean really, don’t we have enough pressure to be perfect? Perfect daughters, perfect moms, perfect wives, all while being that perfect employee that increases the bottom line for your boss, or that perfect entrepreneur who can do it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s cool to want something in your life and not go for it. I’m the first to kick a sister’s ass if she wants to achieve something and is getting in her own way. But here’s my question. What happens when we’re not perfect? Life is chalk full of crap that interferes with perfection, it’s just the way it rolls. Like forgetting that it’s your turn to take snack to your kid’s school, still being single after 30, or making a mistake at work that gets you fired. Where does that leave us? Shamed, and wondering what’s wrong with us that we can’t do what’s expected, that’s where we’re left. And there is something really wrong with that.

What would it be like to accept ourselves for wherever we are in life, right this minute…loving ourselves enough to know that we are perfect right now? What would that open up for us as women who are constantly striving for that balanced life?

Next time you see an award being offered for the woman with the most balanced life, think long and hard about the message it carries. And think even longer and harder about loving yourself enough to say  :

No thanks, I’m good enough