Your Life is Your Bitch

Hey diy Ass-Kickers!

When was the last time you were hit with an emotional smack down?

It’s when something happens that creates a conflict for you. An argument or disagreement. A word expressed that should have been kept silent. An action that unintentional resulted in hurt.

But it doesn’t just feel like a simple conflict, it feels like someone or something is sucking all your power out of your body and mind. You feel helpless and humble.

You’re not sure how to handle it. You don’t know what to say to make it feel better. You don’t know how to take any of it back or make it go away.

That’s because you’re looking outside to correct the conflict instead of inside at yourself.

The conflict lives inside you and as the boss of you and a diy Ass-kicker, you have the inside track to what is happening.

What are you feeling? Be specific about what emotions are taking over.

Emotions connect to things that you find important, so what might those important things be?

What are those same important things (your values) also telling you about how you should be approaching the resolution of your conflict for yourself.

And note girls, I did say yourself. You cannot resolve someone else’s hurt or anger or disappointment.

You can account for your behavior. You can apologize if your behavior during the conflict was less than stellar. The goddesses know that I walk in those shoes sometimes too, including quite recently. It happens!

And you can learn about yourself so you are clearer the next time a conflict bites you in the ass, because it will. No one gets away with a drama-free existence.

Yes, I know it will still probably hurt for awhile. No one likes to feel as though they have cause another’s pain.

That’s where you stop waiting for the world, or the person, to forgive you and you decide to forgive yourself by putting aside the “I’m such an ass” message for “I made a mistake”.

And you keep on your path of being in love with yourself. You…just as you are…flaws, boo-boos and big fucking mistakes.

Judging yourself for being human does nothing but undermine the quality of time on this earth, in this life, the life that you are working so hard at making your bitch.

This is part of making life your bitch. This is you kicking you own ass.