Your Past Does Matter

Hey diy Ass-kickers!

So by now, you probably know the difference between coaching and therapy, right?

Much of that difference has to do with dealing with your past as opposed to your future.

I’m of the mind that you don’t need to understand all of your past history, but it’s super important to be with your past for a couple of reasons.

First, you can’t heal if you avoid what has happened to you. Sweeping an emotional shit-kicking or a negative event in your life under the rug will just leave you with something to trip over every day. Simply acknowledging it will help you heal and move forward. And if you have crap in your past that needs lots of healing, reach out for some help from a good therapist to support you as you go through it.

Second, your past is part of your existence on this earth and has made you the woman you are today. Positive or negative, it’s important to understand the impact your past has on your current life decisions.

I know it’s tough to go back and think about something that’s still tender, hurtful and just too hard. And there are many women who would rather just avoid it altogether. If that’s you, watch your step on that rug, honey, there’s a fucking lump under it.

But today, since I know that there are things that you really, REALLY, want to do or be but just can’t, how about we do some simple detective work?

So what’s your big thing? What do you want to do, or to be, or to have, and why?

What’s in your way of just doing it? That’s usually where a limiting belief or fear about yourself and/or your ability to pull it off jumps up.

Where does that feeling come from? What people, places or events do you connect with those fearful and limiting feelings?

Right about now, you might be saying “Hmmm. I never connected all that before.”

That’s where your past matters right now, in this very moment. The connection between what you want and how you can get it. Your past dictates your ability to get shit done. Shit that you want and desire with all of your heart. Shit that scares the pants off of you because you think you can’t.

And if you think you can’t because you were never shown how to believe in yourself, or that you mattered enough to do things for, very simply, you’re holding your self back from your greatness.

Let’s say you get to do a re-take of whatever happened that left you with those holding back feelings.

Knowing what you know today about your resilience and your personal power (even if it’s just a wee bit), what would that re-take look like? What would happen and what would the outcome be?

And most importantly, who are you now?

I bet you’re not fearful anymore. I bet you’ve changed the story that you’ll carry forward about being able to do what you crave.

Now you’re kicking your own ass!

And here’s where the real fun starts…the action! Take turtle steps or giraffe lunges. Action changes our perspective by showing us what we can actually do.

That’s a confidence changer right there, baby.

So the next time you are feeling crappy about your past, and even hate to think about it because it feels so awful, think about how much it matters.

How much it matters to see it for what it is, and to move the hell on.

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