“Your weekly blogs have helped me in this deep cleanse more than any other time in my life. I have been more able to clearly visualize what I need help in and what is important”

“There truly is not enough thank you’s or gratitude to show my appreciation but you have helped me and my family so much with not much more in return then words. Know in my heart that you have made a difference.”

“Your blog is an awesome read, thank you so much as I often need the message.”

“Thanks for that post, it came at a great time.”

“You are the best coach!”

“You are so cool!!! You hit it bang on!!!!”

“This is so beyond perfect. You are a gem and since I discovered how these important messages are, I won’t be missed again!”

“ Thank you Dianna, wish I could hug you!”

“Thought I’d let you know that my book, is now live on Amazon! A life-long dream has come true! Working with you and having your support was a huge part of why I achieved this goal so I wanted to give you a shout-out!”

“Thanks for last weekend. I haven’t felt this good in so long!”

“My past still matters and I’ve learned to accept that. The mistakes I made in my marriage, turning to someone else knowing fully well every time it was wrong for me, still affects me everyday and can make me question myself. There are only three people who actually know my secrets…God, my new partner, and You!!!! Love you girl!!!”

“Your blog post often seem to be written just for me.”

“Her warmth and sensitivity yet willingness to call it out like it is, is so refreshing.”

“Coaching with her has opened my eyes up to all of my strengths and desires that have been covered up by my insecurities. I’m learning that I can have what I want and not feel guilty about it. It’s brought out new life in me, one that’s more energized and exciting!”

“She is truly a coaching dynamo that has and will continue to help anyone on their journey to success!”

“I am grateful that am confronting my fears, worries, concerns and self-doubt. I am grateful that I love myself again.”

“Her deep respect for me as a person fuels her natural talent to challenge me when it’s needed and cheer me on when she sees me making the choices that are inline with who I am and who I am becoming.”


“She challenges my beliefs, stimulates me to see from fresh vantage points and pushes me to take action.”


“Positive, honest and motivating! I’ve done a lot to clarify my focus in life, and come a long way in a short time.”



“She gave me true support, understanding and compassion while making me fully accountable to what is right for me through my own deep introspection. I am a new, stronger, confident me!”



“I love making myself really think about what I want, where I am going and just how the heck I’m going to get there. She’s been the great push that I needed!”

“Yesterday, did it shift anything? Absolutely! I’m back on track!”

“Holy shit! You nailed that one! Your intuition was a better hit than years of therapy!”

testim-heart-left “I feel 100% better than I did before coaching with her.”


“Thank you so much. The light in you has made the light in me shine brighter.”


“I am constantly thankful our paths crossed!!!!

“I have not perfectly solved everything, it’s just now I don’t feel the need to worry or explain myself to people who aren’t listening.”

 “The skill, knowledge and compassion that Dianna brings to people’s lives as a life coach is beyond measure.”


“You have helped me think about life in a completely different way.”

“I wouldn’t have put myself out there so soon if it weren’t for her.”


“Thank you for being a brilliant coach. You really are a strength.”


“What I love is…the powerful questions, the direct honesty, the light energy, the smiles, the ‘you’ve got me’ look, the playfulness but coupled with the no messing around, the sense I can’t hide from you, the warmth, the youthfulness you bring. When you give me a powerful question to work on – it seems to hit home!”

“It was the prompts, questions, thoughts and feedback that encouraged me to think about where there is room for change.”

“She sees right through the masks that I choose to wear and enables me to reveal my true creative spirit. Her laser-sharp intuition takes me deep and allows me to return to a place where my life feels a lot lighter and more vibrant.”


“Dianna’s ability to ask the hard questions and make you dig deep within yourself is exactly what I needed to get back on track.”