Hey diy Ass-kicker,
For your reading pleasure…10 reasons why we take one for the team:
  1. Because we don’t want to make our accomplishments obvious in case we make someone else feel bad
  2. Because somewhere in our growing up, we were left with the impression that nice women don’t stand out
  3. Because ignoring ourselves feels better in the moment, even if it doesn’t feel better later
  4. Because someone may challenge us if we stand out 
  5. Because somewhere deep down, we think we don’t deserve the recognition or the acknowledgement
  6. Because we think we could have done better
  7. Because we don’t want to call attention to ourselves or our appearance, like our weight or our dress
  8. Because we think we’re not ready to be seen by others, and can create at least one thing that we need to improve before we will feel ready
  9. Because accepting any form of recognition is boastful and selfish
  10. Because it’s a habit that’s on auto pilot
Ok, it can be scary as shit, but what would it actually feel like if you let your achievements be acknowledged or honored in some way?
What if you could actually leave any or all of those reasons behind and just say a simple thank you? No qualifiers, no sharing the spot light with your lifelong mentor, no asking them to wait for you to fix your hair.
Sit with that for a sec. How might all that feel inside of you, to know that something you have done or the person that you have chosen to be, has made a positive impact on someone else to the degree that they want to acknowledge you?
I know that you know you wanna know how that feels. (Don’t judge my grammar…I’m a free spirit!) It’s human nature to take pride in what we do and appreciate being recognized for our hard work and how it has helped someone else. Especially since so much of what we do is to support and help those someones – your clients, your friends, your family, your spouse, your neighbors, even your boss.
The hard part is actually letting ourselves be appreciated or acknowledged openly and publicly.
So start by imagining what it would be like to be in that position with no judgement of yourself and slowly work your way up to the actual doing, with love and appreciation for every step you take.
Btw, its not just ok to be “boastful” when we are proud of the job we’ve done. Accepting compliments or acknowledgement is a way to honor yourself first. There is no one else who can speak to your accomplishments better than you can.
Accepting praise is self-loving, self-compassionate and is a clear message to yourself that you matter too. Tweet that!
And who the eff is the team anyway?