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What is it that we all want so very badly when things go south in our lives or we're just looking for more? Answers. We want someone to tell us how to make shifts and changes that will make the shit in our lives go away, make us more successful, more connected to our real selves. Strictly s[...]
Ok, so you've had about as much crap in your life as you are willing to take. You're tired of being slammed, thinking that you have no control over your own damn life, and feeling negative and down on yourself and others. You're done. So you get some help. And if it's from a qualified coach[...]
Don't get me wrong, I love being a life coach. I love helping women go to places in themselves that they never thought of, or have been too afraid to go. It's the best way I've ever found to honestly figure out what we need to do to have the life we want. And I love having a business that lets[...]
Power circles friggin' ROCK! I want you to start thinking about power circles. You've probably heard, including from me, that you need to be really picky with the kinds of friends (of the love and/or shopping kind) you let into your life, and make sure that your choices honour your need for love[...]
People frequently ask me what it was that made me turn my life around. At one point in my past, I was couch-ridden. I had no motivation to do anything but bitch and complain. My relationships were taking a huge hit and my sense of worthiness was in the toilet. No shit. Pun intended. How I got [...]