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Monthly archives: February 2016

One thing we really suck at as women is recognizing when we need to take a break… then taking it. Oh no, I’ve got too much to do. I have to be there for them, its expected. I’ll feel like a slacker or lazy. I’m calling bullshit on all of that. Maybe you do have lots on your to-do lis[...]
In my new (read old) world, that means warm, sunny days that feel more like September. At least for now! So you know that emotional shit-kicking that I talk about a lot? It’s that place where outside forces have taken over our reality. Where our inner mean girl is the strongest voice in our he[...]
What the hell! I swear, if I hear one more woman talk about how she has the world to take care of (read family, friends, acquaintances, etc) and therefore can’t take care of herself, I might just lose it! Truthfully, it makes me very sad to hear how we allow ourselves to get lost in other’s ex[...]