Hey diy Ass-kickers!

It’s November. You know what that means, right?
The holidays are right around the corner!
Us Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, have just gotten past Halloween and that puts us square in the path of Christmas. Woo hoo!
You may know me well enough to know that I can seriously relate to women who, as much as they love their holiday season under any name, wind up exhausted and kinda unfulfilled.
That was me for years…controlled by bullshit family drama, getting caught up in the commercialism over my desired feelings, and gremlins that screamed at me that I hadn’t done enough if I wasn’t flat out on the floor and broke at the end of the season. I learned from the best as I watched my mom go through the same ritual every year, as she would have watched hers.
I believe that we will never have the experiences we want without figuring out what they are first, and planning for them. It may not be time to have all the gifts wrapped and the turkey stuffed quite yet, but it’s not too early to prepare yourself for a season that hits what I think is every woman’s simple goal, to feel the real joy of the season.
So here are a few of my tried and true things that get me through the holidays without tossing the tree out the window. Whether the season can be a big hairy mess for you, or you could just use a reminder to keep your holidays sane this year, jump in with me! Here we go.
So strap on your warrior gear and step out as a woman grounded in getting your own needs met, leaving you strong enough to make choices that work for you and create a holiday that gives you the joy you’re looking for.
  • Know why you want to improve your holiday. Start with spending a few minutes each day reminding yourself why this season is so important to you. What feels great for you? What helps you get there and what gets in your way? Connect with the spirit in your sky and honor your beliefs about what they mean to you in real life. Remind yourself that you deserve to have the experience you’re looking for. Journal, rinse, and repeat!
  • Go easy on your heart. Keep foremost in your mind that more than many other times of the year, the holidays are rough on women and require us to practice self-compassion. Shit will go wrong, people may be assholes, and you may dip into the egg nog more than you really wanted to. As you crash at night, talk to that little girl inside you who works so hard for acceptance, that she is loved beyond belief and that you are there for her always. Then start fresh again tomorrow.
  • Feed your body good. Keep up or start a daily routine of body movement, even if it’s just shaking your booty to a couple of songs in your kitchen. Don’t push yourself to expend more time, more energy or more desire you actually have. This is about supporting your body and energy, not killing it so you’re on the couch all evening. And decide how you wanna manage your consumption of all those holiday treats. Don’t say you’ll have none, that’s just bullshit. Don’t deny yourself, just do what makes your body function at its best. Sugar is the yums but won’t keep your girl bod feeling energized and fulfilled. Eat the treats you want in quantities that work for you and fill the rest of your plate with good stuff that you love to chow down on.
  • Expect only what you can deliver. Ditch all your expectations of the season, except the ones that serve you well. If you expect to get diamond earrings this year because you’ve dropped enough hints, or expect Aunt Martha is beyond guilt-tripping, there’s a good chance you’re gonna be disappointed. How do you experience the very best of the joyous season when you’re feeling resentful, guilty, or otherwise pissy? Trust me, you can’t.
My theme word for the holidays is FUN. If it ain’t fun, I’m not doing it.
How about you, sweetheart? 
What’s your theme word for the best frigging holiday season yet?