Hey diy Ass-kickers!
When was the last time you felt all tied up in knots over a situation in your life? 
Stressful situations and circumstances scream for a resolution, a fixing of the problem. And as women, there isn’t much we do better than problem solve.
I want you to try a little something on for size. 
Think about a situation or circumstance that you have experienced, or are now experiencing, that had your stomach feeling like it had rocks in it, or had you spending more time in the loo than out.
(Sorry to refer to bowel movements but after the number of women I have worked with over the years, I can tell you that bathroom issues are one of the top indicators that your mind, body and likely your soul are not happy with whatever is happening in your life!)
Write down how that circumstance makes you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Whatever your symptoms are, jot them down.
Now sit with this…and get curious. Curiosity is one of your power tools to make yourself feel better. 
What would it be like to let those symptoms go?
If you could simply send the tightness, the dark energy and the cloud away, what would that feel like?
I can hear you now claiming that it’s not that easy. Yep, I know that. It’s because you know that in order to let the symptoms go, you’re gonna have to see the circumstance from another perspective. I also know that if you never give yourself the chance to know the freedom of letting worry and tension leave your body, and feeling the ease created by letting it go, it will continue to be hard.
Because truthfully, life is just too short to be wound up tighter than an elastic band around an elephant. 
Especially when the power to hold on to it or let it go is all your’s!
More later on the how’s but for right now…
What would improve for you if you let go? 
Let's count the ways!