Hey diy Ass-kicker!

How do you get yourself to the point of feeling joy and contentment in your life?

I don't mean the joy the comes from having the things that you think will make you feel good about yourself, like money, a hot lover, a kick-ass career, or a model bod. 

Those things are outside influences that may or may not bring you some degree of joy. Depending on what's going on for you inside.

It's that inside that I'm talking about. The inside where you LET YOURSELF FEEL JOY, no matter what is happening in your life.

Ok, that can sound like a ginormous (in the words of my 3 yr old granddaughter)

undertaking. And truthfully, somedays, it can feel like one big, fucking, uphill battle.

But it's really not a battle at all. Allowing yourself to feel joy is far more about acceptance of self and making choices that serve you than fighting outside elements. And yep, those two things are pure self-love honey!

So when you're pondering the need and desire to feel more joy in your life, you can start with making a plan for your day. 

First set your intention meter at JOY. Then list all the things on your to-do list, and decide which ones make you happy and which ones don't. 

You know what comes next. Do the things that make you happy.

Deep down happy, not the superficial "I need a break that includes numbing the hell out of myself" happy. Joy is different than momentary relief from stressful situations. 

"What about the shitty things that I have to do, like go to my crummy job", you say? 

As much as we think we are stuck in crappy jobs, we really aren't. There is always a way out, even if it's working your way out. 

We life coaches love, love, love plans. So while you are making, and executing, your plan to get the hell outta job or any other kind of dodge, think about the parts of it that bring  you any joy and make the most of that. Do work you are proud of, treat people the way you want to be treated, do the things that make you feel joyous inside, even if the outside ain't so great. You don't need to stay stuck in the negative.

So what do you say, beautiful? 

Is there room in your life for some diy joy?