Here’s how you can look like you!

Hey Diy Ass-Kickers!

We’ve all got a story.

Sometimes it is tell-worthy in our minds, sometimes we keep it secretly tucked away from the light so no one finds out about it.

I’ve told mine in snippets. When I’m feeling ready. When I’ve learned enough about myself to know that the only thing I am risking by sharing, is the strangle hold on my inner freedom.

I want every single woman who follows me here and elsewhere to know that our stories are part of us, not something to hide from.

Life, and our resulting story, can hurt like hell. And when it does, we feel silenced, betrayed and alone.

No wonder we come up with stories. We simply want to protect our precious hearts.

The trouble with stories is that instead of writing them down, looking at it and saying “Huh, look at that. No wonder I’m so exhausted (substitute angry, resentful, sick)”, we actually hand them over too much power.

We give them the right to govern how we feel and behave. And that’s just far too much power for any story.

And those feelings and resulting behaviors rarely result in positives.

They result in being with partners/spouses that you’re not sure you want to be with. Working at a business that doesn’t completely light you up. Or when you say I’m stuck and are absolutely sure there is no way out.

That’s creating your own reality from your story and deciding that it will define you.

So let’s move outta that shit, ok?

Let’s shift some of our thinking into places that offer us hope and love for our souls.

Let’s decide that our story is simply that. A story. And stories are best used for learning and growth.

We can love our stories for the learning that it brought us. I mean, how many times do you think about your story without saying that you know better now?

We can look for other places in our lives where the Universe has smacked us over the head, repeatedly reminding us that there is something we have yet to master.

We can journal about what we are carrying in our thoughts about ourselves because of our story and how/where it has held us back from all that is possible out there.

And we can turn that page and decide what we want to think about ourselves now and going forward. That’s the beauty of accepting a past and it’s story, you are free to define the story that your future holds.

Stories can make us give up on ourselves and become people that we don’t know anymore. Mere shadows of who we know we really are deep down.

Don’t let it. Take your’s and make it work for you.

It’s not a place to be frightened of, or a place to disregard because you know you can’t change your past. You’re not changing your past, you are accepting your past with grace and using that peace to create a new future.

It’s a place to wonder about, to get excited about. It’s a place where the chains are off and inner freedom looms.

It’s the other side of your story. And it looks and feels way better than what you’ve been thinking about all this time.

It looks like you.

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