Over the last few weeks, the outpouring of condolences, caring and love to my family has been incredible. And very comforting when we are still reeling from one expected loss and one very unexpected loss.

As I read the beautiful words in notes, on memorial pages and even on Facebook, I am reminded of the true goodness of people. People who put down their armour to offer what is nothing less than pure love from their hearts to ours.

And I am reminded that those people have used our sad events to reach into their deep core and be clear enough about their values that the only thing important in that moment is to reach out with expressions of sympathy and love.

Maybe not all of them normally live their lives that way. Maybe they don’t all know themselves well enough to automatically dismantle that personal armour that hides the inner truth we all carry. The inner truth that manifests itself as fear of judgement or of being seen for our real selves that we may not like.

I am grateful either way of course for the efforts of those people. With each one reaching out, I have been offered a deep, honest, meaningful connection to another human being. And there is nothing more supportive, heart-warming and uplifting than pure human connection. With it we are accepted and held, without it we are alone.

I now am reminded to take a deeper look at where I keep my armour up and where I let it down. Who is it easier for me to go armour-less with, and who do I feel I need to protect myself from? Those questions are not new to me, but the Universe provides for us to learn what we can to make our existence even that much better so I’m willing to take another look.

Care to join me? Start here…

What does wearing your armour look like? Be detailed and draw it if you like.

When do you easily reach out, armour-less, to offer acceptance and holding of another human being?

How are your relationships improved when you take that armour off?

And, how do you feel when you are accepted and held?

Me? I feel much safer with my armour off than on.

Dianna xo