Hey diy Ass-kickers!
I have this space in my kitchen. It’s a wine/coffee bar. A place to make your morning coffee and pour your afternoon wine. Ok, your evening wine if that works better for you!
I adore that space. It’s not only funky looking but is so damn functional that I smile every time I use it. But here’s the thing. In my design brain, I was clear about what would adorn the top of this bar area as well as the cool glass shelves above it. I had that vision in my brain.
But when it was all good to go and I started to place things on the bar, anything that I used just didn’t work for me. I’ve been having a blast working my ass off for months now on my condo design and I have proven again and again that my intuition is a big part of my design skill. I know what works and what doesn’t work in my space, and nothing that I decorated the top of this bar with made be feel like saying “Hell, ya!”.
There was a time in my life when I would have made myself crazy trying to get the look I wanted in a space. But all that did was, well…make me crazy! And since putting pressure on myself to find the perfect things to finish the job was not an option that would bring me peace and contentment, I had to find another way.
And I knew what that was. I had to sit with it. Just leaving it as is. Letting it be.
Not to ignore it, not to pretend it was the way I wanted it to look, but just accepting that there is more to feeling good than just getting a job done.
The truth is, shit just does not always look, feel, or treat you the way you want it to. And no matter what we do, there is no happy map that lets us define exactly what will come our way. But we can manage that shit for ourselves when it hits our own personal fan and messes with our heads.
We don’t always have to “handle” things on the outside. We don’t always have to show up fully dressed and in heels. We don’t always have to sweat our asses off to control outcomes.
We get to give ourselves the gift of sitting with the problem, letting it sink in, giving ourselves time and space to respond in ways that actually work for us. Every part of us, not just the parts that make crazy demands on our brains and leave our gremlins rolling in laughter.
Sitting with a problem from a place of reflection will bring you peaceful insights that you could have never imagined. Tweet that!
So tell me straight up. What’s going on in your life right now that could us a little “being”?
Because, after all, life is not about wine/coffee bars, it’s all about us…