Ever wonder about making your dreams come true? Manifesting your big desires?

Our dreams are not something that we are supposed to feel shitty about because they have yet to arrive, I believe our dreams are meant to come true.

Manifesting is how we can help realize our dreams, our wishes, our greatest desires. It’s not like things just appear on our doorstep, we need to help them arrive!

Maybe you rock at manifesting, or maybe your manifesting is a work-in-progress or something you plan to do at some point in your life. Wherever you are, I thought you might appreciate some of the things that I have learned about manifesting.

We need to be clear about what our dreams look like, down to every detail as though it were happening in the moment. That includes how we feel in the midst of experiencing our dreams. I can’t say this strongly enough. Feel those dreams deeply in your heart and soul. Let them make you feel happy and content. This doesn’t need to be an artificial production with Buddha and incense, it can just be part of your desires and your beliefs that you know what you want and will have what you want.

We can dream for peace, love, success, health, abundance of all that is good, but our dreams are about us. We cannot dream for others to experience anything, that’s up to them. This one is big when we’re in the mindset to blame our mishaps on other people “if only they would do…things would be better for me”. Get outta that mindset and into one that is about kicking your own ass by knowing what you want for yourself and asking for it.

Don’t second guess your dreams, or your manifestation of those dreams. It’s not like you can get it wrong. Dreaming and manifesting isn’t a one time thing, it’s an ongoing practice that you can tweak as you go. A wonderful way to spend a few minutes each day!

Don’t expect your manifested dreams to suddenly arrive. They will show themselves in opportunities, in blocks that will need to be moved out of your way, and in things that will get you the feelings you want to have. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t get attached to how it is “supposed” to look like when it shows up.

Our dreams are contingent on us working toward them being part of our life. We don’t get handed our dream, we create our own path to having it. You don’t get to be Prime Minister if your don’t run for politics! We need to ask ourselves what to do to work toward our dream. Show the Universe and ourselves that we really, really want this.

If we run into challenges to realizing our dreams, those challenges are there for a reason. If it’s a repetitive challenge, it’s like the Universe is reminding you yet again that you’ve got shit to work out. Listen to it. Look for what your lesson might be, look for other times you have been given a Universal heads up, and deal. What do you need to change to improve the odds that you don’t get smacked again? (ps You may actually get smacked again, but you will be far better prepared to manage it!)The Universe is supporting all of you, not just helping you get to your biggest dream ever.

If we sit in negative, questioning when our manifested dreams will happen or questioning if it ever will (aka if we deserve it to happen), it’s gonna take some time and will likely be a rocky road. We are basically telling the Universe that we are good with negative and make our dreams fuzzy. Move on outta the negative and into the positive. Trust that you deserve what you want, do your work to make it happen, and keep living your life.

Say thank you every day for all that you are, all that you have, and all that is coming to you, before you actually have what you are dreaming about. From there you can move right into a few minutes of manifestation. Gratitude and having an open heart attracts more of what you are thankful for.

I believe that we need to dream big in each area of our lives. Big can mean really super ass-kicking big. It can also mean big love, big acceptance, and even big love for self.

What are you dreaming about these days?

Do it with the flair of a diy ass-kicker!