I love questions, guess that’s why I coach.  The more powerful and provocative the better.

Why?  It’s simple.  They help us understand ourselves better.

When we let them.

How many times have you answered “fine” to people asking how you are?

They don’t really want to know!  They’re just being nosey!  Both could be true.

But what about when we start saying “fine” to ourselves too?

If you want to start figuring out your shit, start offering real answers to questions that come up for you.  And be open to hearing the questions you need answers to, they will present themselves.   Every single experience you have is an opportunity to know yourself better by questioning your reactions, your behaviour and even your language.

Start with the questions below.  Dig deeply and trust that each new “hmmm” or “aha” of understanding will lead you to another one.

And if you need help, find me.  I don’t take “fine” for an answer.


What if you started fresh today?

What if you didn’t feel the pull to change your past, or other people?

What if you kept loving those you disagree with?

What if you stood up for yourself with love and respect instead of anger?

What if you chose to think differently about a problem?

What if you just knew you could do it?


Let me know what comes up for you in the comments below!

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