Hey diy Ass-kicker!

How many times over your adult life have you decided that you would not do something because that would make you selfish? Or decided that you had better do something because not doing it would make you selfish?

Probably many times.

We women are great at avoiding selfishness, since selfish is rarely a trait that people aspire to. Especially women who are naturals at nurturing and care-taking.

But I see no issue with being selfish.

The dictionary defines selfish as "Lacking consideration for others; concerned only with your own profit or pleasure".

Again, no issue.

Ok, I get that we have been brainwashed into thinking that any consideration of ourselves is rude and a quick way to mess up relationships, destined to be alone like Scrooge. People crossed the street to avoid Scrooge. I mean, who wants to be near an inconsiderate selfish person? 

I do. 

If I had to choose between a woman who knows herself well enough to ask or demand what she wants so her life is the best it can be, or a woman who keeps her mouth shut when she really has something to say or says no to herself just so she can say yes to someone else, my answer is clear.

I'm choosing the woman who makes this life her own. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Because when we avoid selfishness like the plague, we cut out parts of our hearts and soul and tuck them away in a drawer where we forget them. All of those parts except the pain of them being gone. That never goes away.

Then our strive for happy becomes about what we are missing, why we're not good enough to have or be more, and how get through each day. When we could be striving for what we really want for ourselves and what we are going to do to get it. 

Be selfish. Be considerate to yourself and treat others based on your values of service and love for others. You decide what that looks like. That's what operating from your deep core looks like.

Be selfish. Be concerned with your own profit and pleasure. That's what abundance looks like. 

Today is Mother's Day. 

Think about it. Wouldn't you like to see your Mom act as though she was confident about what she needed and wanted today, and every day of the year? If my Mom was still on this earth, you bet I would. And if you asked your kids if they would like to see you act in the same way today and every day, I bet the answer would be a resounding yes!

So give yourself and your world a gift that starts today. Let yourself off the fucking social expectation hook. Be selfish.