What if you decided that all you need to do is love others? 

And If you practiced that simple love without letting anything block it…

How would you behave with them?

What would be different for you?

Most importantly, what would you be thinking about yourself and your relationship with them?

I’m not talking about having expectations of others that are unlikely to be met. And I am sure as hell not referring to toxic or abusive relationships or your absolute right to end them.

This is about taking a different approach to relationships that drag us down and leave us feeling crappy about ourselves. It’s about living our best life, as our best self.

You have no control over how others treat you. But you do have control over how you show up with them.

It takes the control out of other’s hands and places it back in yours.


  • You take your power back. You choose perspectives that work for you by helping you manage uncomfortable situations and relationships.
  • You stop carrying around the shit of the old perspective, including hours or even days of feeling the negativity.
  • You show up as your best self, the one who is responding from a place where your values hold your boundaries securely in place.

Life gets weird sometimes and relationships can be a big part of that weird. (Click to tweet)

But every relationship has another person attached to it. Someone who may in fact love you, but may not show it like you do. Someone who may be riddled with their own version of an effed-up life. Someone who can’t meet your expectations.

In other words, shit happens. But you still need to show up.

So show up from a place of love. Just love them. Choose the joy in that. 

It’s powerful and oh so freeing.

In the midst of weird, you deserve that.