Remember a time when you were all pumped up, living life like crazy, no worries, fewer cares, and feeling like you were unbeatable?

(If you’re thinking that you have never been in that place before, I just might have to call bullshit on you. Dig deeper, it’s hiding somewhere in the distant shadows.)

That place = You…unfuckable.

You were killing it.

You knew what you wanted to experience and you went for it.

You weren’t stopped by the things that got in your way, you went right through them or strategically around them. Right to your target.

Then “life” took over.

You woke up one day and realized that you were no longer in total control of your day, your week, or your life choices.

Your unfuckable had been fucked with.

Oh my… Is it like this?

The relationships that feel unequal (or worse). The family members that take advantage of your kind nature. The boss who is, well, bossy. The kids who, by their nature, bring pressure and overwhelm about having to do so much so perfectly. The lack of confidence. The fear of asking for what you need. The questioning of yourself about whether or not you actually can have what you want.

Admittedly, it’s fun to use the f bomb several times in this one post, but there is more to this message.

Like the image says (and thank you to it’s author), unfuck yourself.tweet

Disconnect from what you don’t like about your life and re-connect to what you do like, which is likely similar to what you had when you were killing it.

If you like doing something, do it.

If you don’t like doing it, don’t do it.

Or change elements of what doesn’t feel great to feel better. Start there.

Being a martyr in your life doesn’t feel great. Simply put, it hurts your heart and dims that shine.

So start to peel away the layers that got packed on when that “life” took over and you decided that you were no longer in charge.

Oh, you’re in charge.

Right up to the unfuckable part.