Hey, diy Ass-kicker!
It’s a simple question really.
When did you start hiding?
Exactly when in your life do you first remember holding back, denying your needs and/wants, stifling your creativity, your ability, your inner or outer beauty, or your feelings and emotions?
You’re on a roll now…keep going, girl!
How old do you think you were? What was happening around you at that time? Who was there? What were you thinking about yourself in that moment?
And here is the big fat juicy one…
In that moment, what do you think made you believe that hiding was your only option? In childhood or as an adult, what is the reason behind you deciding that you needed to hide?
We all have hidden at one time or another, from dulling our shine because we think someone else might feel badly about their own, to avoiding having those tough conversations where you speak from your heart about what you actually need to be happy. We hide from others and we hide from ourselves, kinda like the chicken and egg thing. 
You may have your own question about why I’m being so damn nosey on this Sunday morning when all you really wanna do is relax with your coffee.
I’m asking because any amount of hiding yourself changes everything. It changes what you do, how you get what you want, what you accomplish and what you don’t. And the very worst of all, it changes what you think about yourself.
Everything. And then there is no longer room for making decisions without the need to hide being part of the equation.
So unless you can honestly say that hiding has never been part of your m.o. (and I’m happy to help you unpack any bullshit suitcases in your closet), go back up to the top of this blog and start with the first question.
Because getting to the very beginning of the story you believe about your hidden self is how you start to build the courage to stop.
And also because the shadows are way too fucking cold and dark for the likes of a diy ass-kicker like you…