Hey diy Ass-kicker!

Since relationships are a primary source of pleasure and pain in our lives, many of us spend tons of time thinking about the people around us, specifically if they have or don't have our backs.

So who might that be to you? Who do you think really, truly has your back?

Your Mom? 

Your Dad? 

Your Partner or spouse? 

Your bestie?

Your banker?

Your doctor?

Guess what? It doesn’t fucking matter who you think has your back.

Because the only person who can look after you, is you. Tweet that!

People may love and care about you, sure.

But there is no one who can pull your ass out of dealing with life issues that leave you unhappy or discontented

No one can tell you how to manage your unhappy and turn it into happy. 

No one can change your perspective on your current or past circumstances.

No one can make you change your behaviors that contribute to your unhappy.

No one can do the work for you.

Until you get new glass clear on that one, you’ll keep waiting. You’ll keep being disappointed. You’ll keep feeling resentful that those people let you down by not having your back. And you are even more unhappy than you were before. 

Until you realize that they have no power. None at all. Even if they love you to the moon and back. And that's not a bad response to a well-meaning friend who is sure they can get you to a better place. 

Only you have that power. Only you can make your life better. 

So now that you know it’s all up to you, where are you gonna work it?