Hey diy ass-kicker!
I love saying yes, feeling the freedom of being a yes girl, and living in a world where yes is always possible.
But unless we pay close attention to our what we say yes and no to, being a yes girl can trip us up.
Do you say yes every time you are asked for a favor?
Do you find it tough sometimes to take time for yourself because you are busy helping a friend or someone in your family?
Does even a little part of you resent being asked…again…to help out the same person?
First, there is nothing wrong with some resentment, it’s your deep core’s way of telling you that something just isn’t right.
Secondly, it’s time to think about you. It’s time to take care of yourself before you take care of everyone else.
It’s time to figure out your plan for caring for you, all of you.
Start by prioritizing what you need in your life. Time for some body movement? Time to actual cook a healthy meal instead of eating from a drive thru because you’re always on the run? Time to spend quality time with your significant other or friends who fill you up with love, joy and connection?
You know what’s next. It’s starting to say no to what doesn’t make the top of your list. Yes, I realize that saying no is tough, especially when you think that only you can save these people by doing as they ask.
Saying yes or no is not about the person who is doing the asking. It’s about you. What is your payback from sacrificing yourself to meet someone else’s needs?
If you can answer that question and feel good about both your intention and your result, you’re on the right track for you.
If you don’t feel good about your intention for helping and how you feel by doing it, and/or if caring for yourself isn’t first on your priority list, it’s time to reassess what being a “yes” girl is costing you.
So start saying yes to you, first. Confidently and lovingly.
Freedom rocks, baby!!