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Back from Italy. What a great trip! The architecture, the history, the food, the weather, the people, the wine, the cappuccino... I could go on and on. It was a different holiday for me though. I'm used to powering through a vacation with the energy of the Ever-Ready Bunny, going from one muse[...]
I can still recall a time many years ago, when I truly felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. There I was sitting on my couch with no energy to move, and the realization that waiting for someone else to fix my “stuff” was not working. I was giving away my power, piece by piece. I[...]
Over the past years of personal development, I've had lots of revelations that have left me with a greater understanding of myself. One of those understandings is about what influenced me as a kid to grow up being the woman that I am, with all my baggage, fears and truths. I'm clear as a coach[...]
How sexy or un-sexy are you feeling right this minute? And where did your mind immediately go when you searched for your answer? Feeling sexy is an amazing feeling that takes me to a bit of a Zen place. It’s a place where I feel confident, strong, courageous and brave.  Sweet!! Feeling un-sexy[...]
Looks like summer is starting to wrap up again. It's a weird time of the year for me. I hate seeing the beautiful weather leave, especially when it's been such an amazing summer! But, I also love the fall. Truth be told, it's my favorite season. Boots and sweaters, the colours on the trees,[...]
I recently read an article that talked about the need to have a vision, or something extraordinary to shoot for. In my mind, I think that's the truth. Having something to look at,  in front of wherever you are in life, something totally inspiring and motivating, exciting and thrilling, is da b[...]
I recently celebrated 34 years married to the same guy. I know! Holy shit, huh? It actually looks much longer written down then it feels in reality! I was 22 when we met, and I can honestly say that didn’t know squat about myself, my needs, or what I wanted from life. Self help? Huh? [...]
Most of us live on autopilot. A lot. Doing things we really don’t want to do because we think we should. Saying things that we don’t entirely agree with just to keep the peace. Taking our direction solely from what's happening around us. Autopilot. No thinking, no standing up for you [...]
Everybody gets mad sometimes. There have been times when I've been so mad that I felt like my head was going to explode. Bummer for the people on the other end of that! Anger has been automatically categorized as negative and inappropriate, but I want to give you another view of that. Being mad i[...]
I love to take women right to their own edge of comfort. Right to that place where experience meets wants and needs. Yep, that place. Wanna go to your edge? Are you ready? Maybe? Maybe not? You're more ready than you think.  There's so much pressure around to fix things, hit that c[...]
Grab your coffee, I wanna tell you something. I love to read, or should I say, I love to buy books. My nightstand is piled high with the popular self help titles and my iPad is fully loaded. Truthfully, I love to stick my face in a book just before sleep, but my tendency to crash usually slows[...]
Don't get me wrong, I love being a life coach. I love helping women go to places in themselves that they never thought of, or have been too afraid to go. It's the best way I've ever found to honestly figure out what we need to do to have the life we want. And I love having a business that lets[...]