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I am back at my desk after some time off. My dad recently passed away into the next realm, and my deep core told me that I needed the time to process my life with him and how his life ended. The tears have been plenty and the emotions have been all over the map. My mom passed almost 25 years a[...]
I had another post for today but as I sat down to put it together, I heard this crazy radio story about January 21st. January 21st is apparently Blue Monday, the most depressing or saddest day of the year. Based on a psychological formula, it’s about how we feel about the weather, our debt, our r[...]
Hey diy ass-kicker!   Congrats Sweetie! It’s your day to be celebrated for all you do as a mom! And I’m guessing you’ve done plenty.   I love Mother’s Day and the chance to express my appreciation and thanks to my own mom, and gratefully accept the same [...]
Your Life is Your Bitch Hey diy Ass-Kickers! When was the last time you were hit with an emotional smack down? It’s when something happens that creates a conflict for you. An argument or disagreement. A word expressed that should have been kept silent. An action that unintentional re[...]
Everybody gets mad sometimes. There have been times when I've been so mad that I felt like my head was going to explode. Bummer for the people on the other end of that! Anger has been automatically categorized as negative and inappropriate, but I want to give you another view of that. Being mad i[...]