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Hey diy Ass-kickers! The other day someone left a comment on my CML Facebook biz page about a post. That post happened (oh my gosh!) to have used the f-word, not once but TWICE. (Second oh my gosh!) I believe the actual text in the post said “Unfuck yourself. Be who you were before all tha[...]
Can We Please Just Stop Saying This Shit? Hey diy Ass-kickers! Dianna here. Have you noticed that we sometimes say untruthful shit outloud. Shit that has us shrinking into a powerless version of ourselves. Shit that comes from our fear of offending someone, or of letting someo[...]
How I got away with hiding Hey diy Ass-kickers! I used to hide all the time. We’re not talking kid stuff here, I hid as a full grown adult woman. And contrary to what you might be thinking, I didn’t hide because my life was shitty. Hiding was never about what I had, because on a[...]
Don't get me wrong, I love being a life coach. I love helping women go to places in themselves that they never thought of, or have been too afraid to go. It's the best way I've ever found to honestly figure out what we need to do to have the life we want. And I love having a business that lets[...]
How many women do you actually know who don't get fearful? Who have complete confidence in themselves and their path in life? Who are not held back in some way by their perception of themselves? If you know someone, I'd love meet her and and do the whole coach thing to find what makes her tick. [...]