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I love Valentines day. But I know there are so many women who dread it. I love it because it’s one huge reminder that love is something that should be cherished, enjoyed, and celebrated.  If you are a woman who is single by chance or by choice, by now the overwhelm of retail marketers jamming [...]
Sick again? Try this. Hey Diy Ass-kicker! How is the first part of 2017 rolling out for you? Mine has been super busy with coaching, grand babies, extended family needs, and lovely quality time with my hubby. Unfortunately, it’s also been filled with minor illnesses like strep, flu and [...]
Here's how you can look like you! Hey Diy Ass-Kickers! We’ve all got a story. Sometimes it is tell-worthy in our minds, sometimes we keep it secretly tucked away from the light so no one finds out about it. I’ve told mine in snippets. When I’m feeling ready. When I’ve learned enoug[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Last weekend, I had a booth at a local Women’s Show. I love doing shows like that. I love just yakking with women and letting them experience how valuable coaching is to figuring out your shit and what to do about it. My theme at this show was “I am MY OWN CHANGE”. [...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Like you, there are certain things that capture a ton of my attention.  One of those things is thinking about women and their self-worth. I think about the roots of self-worth, how, when and where we get started with beliefs that don’t serve us, and the impact of livin[...]
You are your own change Well Happy New Year diy Ass-kickers! So I know that by now you have clearly decided what it is that you want to get busy on for 2017, right? That’s what I thought. I can feel the excitement that comes with thinking about how amazing those “things” will be when yo[...]
Set yourself some heartfelt goals! Hey diy Ass-Kickers! Every year about now, I take time to look at what the new year has to offer me. The opportunities, the potential, the awareness and the growth that are all open to me. The chance to feel the way I want to feel. If you have follow[...]
This is real life There is plenty of strategic communication advice on Google. I believe that the best communication comes from the heart and the deep core, a simple but effective principle that has worked for me. And while I don’t always get it right, here is what I know. It’s about goi[...]
Aligning With Your Deep Core Hey diy Ass-kickers So spill it…how are you feeling this week?  It’s not quite been 2 weeks since the results of the US Presidential election came down the pipe. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a strong reaction to either an election race or the results.[...]
On being good enough... Being good enough. It’s that thing that we like to avoid thinking about, yet can feel so deeply. It’s that thing that impacts, dare I say, all of us, at one time or another. It’s that thing that holds us back from living full out. Think about it… How m[...]
Has Your Healing Practice Gone to Shit? Hey diy Ass-kickers! We need to be perfectly honest here ladies, we all want to feel our best and most of us know what we need to do to get there, but there are so many things that interfere with our healing practice. And we let that shit get in ou[...]
Tired of Self-Doubt? Hey there diy ass-kickers! If I had a magic wand that I could wave over all the women in my life who are riddled with self-doubt, I would. I wouldn’t need the beautiful gown, the glass slippers and the up-do that comes with the wand. I would just take that wand, d[...]